September 27, 2017

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Top Five Must Haves for Festival Season

March 12, 2016

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Top Five Must Haves for Festival Season

March 12, 2016


A Super Cool Flask

It’s Festival Season, New Orleans! Don’t leave home without a sunscreen flask, an umbrella flask or a tampon flask. What in the world am I talking about? Those super cool incognito flasks you may have seen online but not in stores. Pull the trigger and buy one. They hold a substantial amount of liquid and you can bring them to the park, on a walk or on a boat in addition to some festivals. Drink local and support the Fests as much as you can, of course.



Hey rose’! It’s PINK but it’s NOT SWEET! Not to be confused with White Zinfandel! That’s not it. Rose’ has taken New Orleans by storm in the last few years. Both white and red drinkers alike are often surprised how much they enjoy it! Traditionally speaking, pink wine is red grapes that have very little skin contact. It’s the skin contact that makes reds, red. Served chilled, rose’ is often crisp refreshing and perfect for a hot spring or summer day in NOLA.


Wine in a Can

It doesn’t suck. I promise! This past Mardi Gras season, canned wine was introduced to New Orleans and we couldn’t keep it on the shelves! Our favorite? Underwood from Oregon. These guys offer a delicious Pinot Gris (similar Pinot Grigio), Pinot Noir and Rose’. Careful now, one can is a HALF BOTTLE of wine. They go down fast and easy. Maybe drink a bottle of water in between? Whatever you do just have fun with it!


Plastic Mini Bottles of Liquor

In 2014, the State of Louisiana finally loosened the laws on mini bottles. You can now purchase liquor in 100ml. Unfortunately, there still isn’t a huge selection yet in this size but here are some of the current choices. Fireball, R&R Whiskey, Taaka Vodka, Jack Daniels and Wild Turkey. These are inexpensive and convenient alternatives to a whole bottle. The average price is $2.


Wine Glass Sippy Cup

My new favorite go cup! It’s a plastic wine glass in a sippy cup–what could be better? It’s mommy’s sippy cup for her “mommy juice.” This one has been a long time coming New Orleans. I’m surprised one of us didn’t invent it! It keeps the whites cold and the reds off the clothes. I used mine for Mardi Gras during the parade and saved lots of clothing stains. I like to give them to “future wine lovers” as gifts to enjoy their non-alcoholic wines. You know, juice!

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