September 27, 2017

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March 12, 2016

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November 9, 2017


Wines That Pair Well With Difficult Relatives


Wine 1-1 What's Your Emergency?


It's that time of year again and yes, we all know wine makes it easier to manage. So what am I recommending for the dinner table this Thanksgiving?


Hey Gamay!

It's the cousin of Pinot Noir and it's delicious!

Pairs well with turkey, cranberries, stuffing, spicy food, and pecan pie.


In recent years, some better quality Gamay has made it to some of the secondary markets in the United States. Cities like New Orleans, St. Louis, Memphis, Salt Lake City, Charleston, and Minneapolis. This is not to say because they are "secondary" that they are less than but we do have to fight extra hard for certain wines due to our smaller populations. I digress, these are exceptional producers of Gamay and of course the price is still reasonable. 


Two crazy facts about Gamay that you may not realize?

1.) It's the cousin of Pinot Noir.

2.) It's what's in Beaujolais.


Ah yes, this is why it is such a popular grape around this time of year because of the Beaujolais Nouveau release in France. It's always the first wine released in the current vintage year. Beaujolais has often given Gamay a bad name. Why? Because Beaujolais is so young and it's not for everyone.


Economics have forced some once outstanding producers to cut corners on the quality of their production? Sound familiar? Yes, it seems to be the trend across the food and beverage industry around the world. Now, the smaller producers, who have often stayed in France and have not exported due to the popularity of the big name brands, have an opportunity to find their way to the American consumer.


Don't turn your nose and be a snob. These wines are elegant, balanced, and shockingly good.

Hey it's Gamay!


Come taste some of the small producers I speak of at Pearl. We will have an array for the holidays.










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